Credit Insurance

The Credit Insurance covers for Bad Debt or Non-payment of account receivable (AR) arising out of trade, which is a good way to take away your worries.

Insured Risks

Commercial Risks:

  1. Insolvency (or equivalent in local jurisdiction)
  2. Protracted Default (Non-payment at 180 days from reporting day)
  1. Expert experience on credibility e v a luation on buyers, helping insured to build up a solid financial s y s t e m.
  2. Reduced bad debts, secured financial liquidity and indemnification in time when loss occurs.
  3. Balance the benefits and concerns of Sales and Financial sectors within the company.
  4. Protection of cash flow.
  5. More secured advantage over competitors with more secured new deals.
  6. Help to develop the market and select fine new customers based on the buyers’ credit checking.
  7. Bonded AR financing facilities on limited recourse basis.
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